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Tidy Project – Category 1: Clothes

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I think my Fitbit reached an all-time high over the 2 days that I worked on the first category of my Tidy Project endeavor!!

So, how does this crazy Tidy Project have anything to do with self-care? Well, I believe that the state of my closet shows that I’ve been dedicating time to other areas of my life, and not taking care of myself or my things in the way that I would like.  When my pantry is unorganized, and the fridge full of random leftovers, and our closets in diss-array, it tells me that I am not in control of my days.  I’m being reactive to life instead of pro-active.

Now, for some, these things don’t bother them. Cool.  But for me, they are like a procrastinating monkey on my back, taunting me.  I either want to do a project or not do a project.  I want to be able to start it and complete it… instead of getting interrupted and sidetracked part way through.  So, for house projects, I let things go for a while, then get a burst of energy around 8pm on a Saturday night. Then work like a crazy person through the night, through Sunday, hoping everything can be in order for Monday morning.  This seems to only be a temporary solution and a crazy one at that.

I’m excited to try this new approach and feel the magical changing benefits touted in the book.

How did I get started?

  1. I downloaded a cute check list from Pinterest and added a bunch of boxes to it (because I like to check things off a list).
  2. I unloaded my closet of all my clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories, placing everything on the bed. I have multiple aprons on a hook in the kitchen as well as fancy clothes and winter jackets in the hall closet. I gathered them up and added them to the pile. — I still have my wedding dress in its original bag, so I immediately said “Thank You” to it and put it back in the hall closet. I’ll reconsider keeping it during the last category – sentimental.
  3. I had a big box left from Christmas, so I emptied all the miscellaneous (non-clothes) items into it, which were in my closet. These will be addressed in category four – Komono
  4. I set up a donation bag area, by putting a trash bag in a hamper. It didn’t quite fit but was easier to load than a bag sitting on the floor.
  5. I also set up an area for items to take to a local consignment shop.
  6. I relistened to the book, on speaker phone, while going through all the clothes.

On the first day, I made it through my clothes and items with ease, getting rid of so many things. It was sooo refreshing! My shoes went down from 2 racks to 1 and my clothes dwindled to the clothes I frequently wore, which still brought me joy. It was pretty empowering donating items I still wore, but I didn’t totally love… they were just there taking up space.

On the second day, my husband went through all of his clothes, shoes, and accessories while I gathered up all the kids clothes and did the same thing.  Again, it was amazing. I feel like I can breathe now when walking into the closet. I did my best to set up the dressers and closets in the way the book suggested.  Folding things and hanging things properly – – who knew!

I discovered in the process of unloading my closet, that I’d actually been over using the main shelf (as storage), and it was starting to come off the wall. We have eventual plans to re-do the whole closet, but it’s not a current priority.  Thankfully, my uncle is super handy.  He came over and fixed it with 6 really long finishing screws into the studs.

The before picture is utterly embarrassing.  The master closet was nothing more than a handy storage unit. Sadly a place to just put things when I felt I didn’t have time to go through them and didn’t want them left out.  We’ve recently re-painted the rest of the house. Now I can see the light and know I’ll be able to paint the closet too.

After completing Category 1 – Clothes, I took at least 20 bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill along with a pile of other items I had previously set aside. I’ve taken items to a local consignment store too.  I can’t wait to see how we feel after completing the next category – Books.

Cheers to your items bringing you joy!


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