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Tea Fortune #6 … Compassion

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I’m torn on how I feel about this fortune. At first, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like “YES, I’m totally compassionate. I do give of myself to others. I love helping others.” BUT (and that’s a big BUT) the problem is the word “constant.”  

Compassion is a state of constant giving of the self for others.

I am in need of a refresh, this personal growth project I’ve started here, BECAUSE I have given too much and too constantly to others…before giving to myself.

I’m not in harmony with the amount of giving and ease of giving that I do for others vs. that of which I even think of giving to myself.  I should offer more compassion to myself.  I’m going to really need to think on this one and decide how I feel about it. What needs to change within me to find that balance and harmony.

Smiles to you!


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