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Do Something for You Today

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While it happens too far and few between, a day or an afternoon at the salon can feel magical and refreshing.

I have a girlfriend who we’ve successfully synched our brow cycles. We schedule a “wine & waxing” appointment every 5 weeks. Our amazing esthetician is our long-time friend and we have a fabulous time catching up and enjoying adult hang-out time. By the end of the evening, our happy friend tanks are full and we are feeling re-charged. We are ready to return to our families (a better version than when we left, on occasion).

I love when I’m able to schedule a hair appointment in the late afternoon and we can have the kiddos watched that evening. It feels like the perfect use of salon styled hair and a wonderful end to a relaxing afternoon.  I’ve built up a great relationship with my hair gal over the years, so our appointments are another female hang-out time to chat and catch-up.  Sometimes she’s counseling me and sometimes I’m counseling her.  Either way, the afternoon always gives me an opportunity to take a breath and a pause and then return to real-life feeling refreshed.

May I suggest thinking about what you enjoy. Maybe you love mani/pedis, maybe you love the movies or reading a good book (uninterrupted). If you’ve been having a hard time finding time for yourself, see if you can get creative and schedule it.

Cheers to our health!


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