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Hi, I’m Holly, the energy behind Undercover Granola.

I’m shaking things up and inviting you moms to join me. I dug in deep – no hesitations – to read, research, investigate and change things up when my child needed it. Now it’s time to do the same for myself.

Following the birth of my preemie son in 2008, my world turned upside down, then right-side up again. Thanks to him, I’ve learned about sensory processing disorder, numerous therapies, and seen behavioral & health improvements from making simple, yet consistent, food & lifestyle changes.  Learn more about the early years here.

In a nutshell, we’ve completed therapies, adjusted the way we approach activities, tried schools, left schools, been recommended to find different schools and finally found our perfect school (I think you get the picture). We choose organic and gluten-free products and prepare most items from scratch.

But now what…? My mind goes blank when I think about hobbies, interests, and activities that don’t involve tending to my family & work.

This has been a many-year journey. My focus was helping and healing my child. And while our results have been amazing… along the way I feel that I’ve lost myself.

It’s my job to make myself a priority.  

Our health, both mental and physical, requires us to put ourselves back on the to-do list. Research and explore ways to be our best selves. Personal growth opportunities are endless. I’m excitedly looking forward to seeing what resonates and what doesn’t.

This journey should feel delicious, and I’m not just talking about food, I mean everything!  That entire body – joyful – feeling you get when you’ve just had something amazing to eat… wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling all the time?  I think we can!

Note to self: Be kind to yourself and don’t expect perfection.

Let’s shake things up. Get our wiggles out. Find our inner joy.
Let’s remind ourselves how to play and why it is so important to our health.
Let’s explore new ideas and create a new normal.

Wishing you a wonderful and delicious day.